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LioFer is one of the leading lithium battery pack manufacturers in India. We strongly believe that future gonna powered by lithium industry. LioFer is driving in the direction of delivering smart powering solution for various applications. Lithium powered batteries got its own caliber by its unique chemistry and physical parameters and also having application in various sectors such as Automotive (Electric Vehicle), Defense, Industrial, Medical, Robotics, Solar and so on.


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We are group of technocrats engineered towards smart and intelligent batteries solution into world, which is having highly reliable, efficient, compact and feasible lithium battery for all powered applications.

We are currently into manufacturing of battery packs in the chemistry of Lithium Ion(Li-ion), Lithium Polymer (NMC), Lithium Ferro Phosphate(LiFePo4), Lithium-Titanate-Oxide(LTO)  having all range.

Our R&D, D&D & Production team are continuously showing the futuristic solution which fortifies us in jumping into next level in lithium battery sector.

We are simulating the our own smart Battery Management System(BMS) Circuit for individual application, which fetch us strong fundamental road map for long run in the market.

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