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Liofer India is one of the Top Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Liofer batteries are the long-lasting and most powerful energy components, those accelerating the  technological advantages in various domains such as Automotive, Aerospace, Telecommunications,  Artificial Intelligence, IOT, R&D, Medical, Mechanical,  Militaries and Defense Sectors.


LioFer is currently into manufacturing of battery packs in the chemistry of Lithium Ion(Li-ion), Lithium Polymer (NMC), Lithium Ferro Phosphate(LiFePo4), Lithium-Titanate-Oxide(LTO)  having all range.

We are also having trading vertical of raw materials for the lithium batteries including the Accessories like Nickel strips, Battery Management System, PVC, epoxy sheet, holders etc. We are emerged as one stop solution for all Lithium products.

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Batteries

Complete Energy Storage Solutions for Electrical Vehicles. Top end long-lasting Lithium ION Batteries.

Industrial High Power Batteries

Higher power Energy storage Batteries for Industrial Applications that enables smoother operations

Solar Energy Batteries

Wide-range of Solar Energy storage Batteries that fits perfectly for your applications and needs.

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Lithium Ion Batteries ADVANTAGES

Lithium Ion Batteries are becoming the most reliable and effectives energy storage alternatives to the conventional Lead Acid Batteries. Future of the energy industry pacing towards getting the full advantages of Lithium Ion Batteries potential.

Liofer India Why Choose us

Project Experience

Through further than 200 EV lithium-ion battery design development gests, the company's platoon has accumulated rich design demand information, design database, and colorful test data, which has trained the platoon to be professional and effective .

Rapid Reaction Ability

Rich crisis reinforcement influence supply, lithium battery, energy stockpiling battery, sun based energy battery project experience gathered a solid plan information base and wonderful production network framework, with the goal that the group can react rapidly to client needs and changes

Complete Test Equipment

The company's Testing equipment covers a variety of testing power storage lithium battery, solar energy Storage batteries, lithium battery, EV lithium-ion battery with applications over high and low voltage.

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